Who is QuickHelps?

We are a team committed to empowering the best techs to do their best work, so every home runs smoothly.

We have offices in London (HQ) and New Delhi, and more than 3,000 technicians across the United Kingdom - from Inverness to Southampton and hundreds of neighborhoods in between

QuickHelps Team
QuickHelps Tech

Our Member Professional

QuickHelps technicians are vetted, background-checked professionals who show up at the click of a button to deliver peace of mind when you need it most.

We individually review each applicant to ensure quality results and professional service. Most of all, we look for technicians who understand the importance of treating your home as if it is their own.

Meet Our Executive Team

Our approach stems from having some of the most caring, experienced and dedicated tech and customer service agents in the UK on our team to help you out directly.

Jonson Baumgarten

President & CEO

Netru Baumgarten

Amelia Dodge

VP Growth


Emma Jenkins

VP People


George Brown

VP Finance

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In an increasingly complex world, QuickHelps gives people peace of mind on the days when they need it most. We make it easy to get a trusted technician to your doorstep with just the click of a button.
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